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Server Training

Server & Workstation Up gradation

The need of the upgradation arises when one feels that his server or workstation is not performing upto mark or need more data storage, so instead of buying costly server or workstation one can enhance current configuration by adding more memory , hard drive or a second Processor. Servertech is here to help you to make your server or workstation more powerful , so just send your enquiry to us with details of make model and current configuration, rest we will take care.

Network Cabling

Network cabling is very important constituents of IT infrastructure , even for a small business setup, as it shares information and devices on network between different users, so it must be reliable and fast ,to avoid failures and downtime servertech suggests and implements structured network cabling. Structured cabling is done with certain standard, all cables originate from work location ,and terminated to a passive centralized cross connect in server or network room. Advantage of structured cabling is to have Data, Voice & video on same cable, they are well organized , identified by labeling, & color etc. Troubleshooting for any fault is easy and fast , result less downtime. We at servertech have complete expertise for network cabling.

Maintenance & Repair

Servertech is completely aware about the importance of services- specifically Maintenance , Repair or other Technical support, so we have our own technical team to resolve any technical issue or problem in Server, Workstation , Laptop, Desktop, Printer or in Networking etc. With supply of products we provide prompt services to our clients to minimize downtime of any IT equipment. Our services includes Facility Management – annual contract is signed with a resident technical person to take care of all IT related Issues, Annual Maintenance - annual contract is signed and we send a person as and when services are needed, On Call Basis – Services are provide as and when required.Depending upon the requirement clients can choose any of above services.

Domain & Workgroup Installation

Along with hardware supplies, servertech takes complete responsibility of operating system installation and server configuration in domain or workgroup based on the customer requirement , both on site or off site, this makes customer task simpler and saves his time from interacting with multi suppliers.We offer very competitive prices and time bound project completion.

Rack Installation & Cabling

Rack cabling is extremely important constituent of medium or large network , it should be done as per recommended standards, any compromise would result slow speed cross talk etc and the value of money spent goes waste. Servertech has complete expertise for flawless Rack installation and it’s cabling with ease of identification, perfect punching and nicely dressed, kindly contact us to gives value of your money , and importantly speed of your network.