Networking Rack Floor Standing Digi Rack


Available  Model  Common   Features of All
17U 600x600x825mm

22U 600x600x1048mm

24U 600x600x1136mm

27U 600x600x1269mm

32U 600x600x1492mm

37U 600x600x1715mm

42U 600x600x1938mm

( WxDxH )


Used for medium /Large  Networking, Telecom, & CCTV appliances

Made by high quality metal sheet  1.2mm

Toughened glass front door with  lock

Removable side panels , option for perforated front & rear doors

Top and bottom cable entry facility

Side & front ventilation for better heat dissipation

Grey (off white)  & Black  Color option


Accessories AC Power Distribution 6 Socket (PDU) 5A Horizontal
AC Power Distribution 12 Socket (PDU) 5/15A  Vertical
Fixed Tray , Keyboard Sliding Tray
2 & 4 Fan Option
Cable Manager Metal & PVC